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Basin plays an important role in anyone's life, allowing you to maintain a high hygiene level. For this reason, by the sink should be only from a trusted manufacturer, who had earned a high reputation in the market of Ukraine and Europe. With us you will be satisfied not only by the quality of the acquired plumbing, but also the level of service because we are the best!

Range of washbasins Miraggio™

If you decided to buy the sink in the bathroom, then be sure to look at our product range, which provides:

Sink for the bathroom round
rectangular Washbasin for the bathroom
Sink for the bathroom oval

in Order to find a suitable sink, pay attention to the materials used for its manufacture. Artificial stone has high performance characteristics. At the same time, the price of this basin remains democratic. Miraggio™ creates your exclusive sinks made of artificial stone, the manufacture of which uses high-quality components and modern technology. This sink will not deteriorate in the constant contact with water. Temperature fluctuations will not leave residue on the surface and in the structure of the basin, and the smooth surface prevents the formation of bacteria colonies.

Why you should buy our sinks?

If you have not decided to choose our washbasin for the bathroom, we summarize that the product of artificial stone will receive the following benefits:

  • extended service life
  • resistance to temperature changes
  • high bactericidal properties
  • the most easy care
  • lack of seams or joints
  • huge selection of colors
  • reasonable price

wash Basin stone draws attention to the fact that remains virtually silent during operation. Flowing water will no longer irritate during morning and evening routines. Hygiene is a key factor for any buyer. Artificial stone for the development of fungus or mold, therefore such problems will be forgotten.

Each buyer is committed to pick for your apartment plumbing, which demonstrates the highest performance. Buy sink into the tub, artificial stone will be a profitable decision, as this material is its environmental friendliness. In the composition of the raw material does not contain hazardous ingredients which can not be said about the analogy of artificial stone. The surface is very smooth, thanks to our innovative technology, so it is not delayed pollution, and care takes a minimum of time.

Our production technology

 Miraggio, as an Internet store, is constantly expanding its product range to even the most demanding customer found a suitable solution.

One of the features of our plumbers is the use of a marble crumb. This feature gives to the product a strength, reliability and durability prior to mechanical impact. At the same time, the shape of the washbasin can be different that allows to make it even more unique and convenient operation.

the Outer coating acts ISO NPG Gelcoat, which increases safety when using the shell, and has a high hygienic properties.


gloss finish allows you to add products to a bathroom with bright appearance. Our store and production basins in Ukraine guarantees that take care of the invoice will be easy, if you decide to buy the sink we have. To maintain the product in perfect shape, you need to:

  • clean the surface with detergent, which does not include abrasives;
  • for cleaning do not use acid, ammonia and sodium hydroxide;
  • if you appear on the surface scuffs or scratches, you can restore the gloss enough to hold Polish in accordance with the instructions.


Our sink, has many unique qualities and benefits. One of them is the use of technology MiraMarble Matt, which is used in the manufacture of sinks and baths with a matte finish. The main part is marble chips that improve the performance of the products. Frosted coating velvet, , is strength and durability. Our store guarantees all products that you can find in our catalog.

How to order our washbasins in Ukraine

Buy washbasin in the bathroom it is possible for any interior. The reason is that buyers access to a variety of models like the classic and modern design. This means that the sink can easily placed in the bathroom of any size. 

the interior of the bathroom can be the main reference for the buyer. The sink should become a fixture in the environment. The color performance you can pick up any interior idea or the color of the other plumbing.

If you find it difficult to choose the washbasin yourself, our experts are always ready to offer help. The site presents a lot of options plumbers, which we will promptly deliver to the city Zaporizhia, Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepr, Odessa, Krivoy Rog. You just need to notify us about your choice in any convenient way to get reliable and practical washstand from famous brand Miraggio™, corresponding to the highest quality standards not only in Ukraine but also in Europe.