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are Endowed with extraordinary elegance and grace, inset sink is often used as a functional replacement suspension sinks. Built in the model can be mounted on tables and countertops while having an unusually harmonious view of the bathroom of any type. A distinctive feature of the model mortise – the Italian refinement, which turns familiar element of the bathroom in the part design space, giving the interior a special style.

Inset washbasin: functional bathroom decoration

Inset washbasin can be installed on the unit and in pairs, thus forming ensembles, designed to be shared by a married couple. Two inset bowl placed on the table under the mirror, it is appropriate to complement the interior in a classic or Mediterranean style, will be an important accent in the arrangement of the bath areas. The number of the selected wash basins will depend on their price and the shipping cost to Ukraine.

Differences mortise sinks

There are certain peculiarities that distinguish wash basin inset from other models intended for installation in bathrooms and make them a particularly good choice for home:

  • Compact size. With a relatively large size mortise models fit neatly at the top of the cabinets or countertops and don't take up a lot of space even in a tiny bathroom.
  • Hygiene. Practicality, which can offer inset sink, not questioned. As the sink in this case is almost has no visible side surfaces, it does not require meticulous care. On its surface does not accumulate plaque and germs, there is no need to choose cleaning products.
  • Style. The main decorative feature of the mortise models is washing the surface, so it made a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors, in contrast to the medium standard sinks. The corresponding photos of the original models can be found on the Internet.
  • Grace. When installing the main part of the basin is hiding in the cupboard or the top, so it looks especially carefully. Hiding in communication, such as plumbing pipes, siphon, and the surface of the wall remains intact, as there is no need to mount wash basin inset to it.

Inset wash basin in the interior

Despite the fact that this model is universal, there are interiors in which she looks especially appropriate. So, a dresser with sink can be placed in the bathroom is made in Scandinavian style. Compact sink and availability under her free of the confined space would allow to hide all the things that should not be visible, and to organize a comfortable life.

Inset wash basin in the bathroom will look good in the interior modern style. The ergonomics of the basin, its sleek design and discreet stylish performing fit perfectly in a modern space. Also pay attention to the mortise model owners bathrooms in a classic style and the style of Provence.

Selection of mortise sinks from Miraggio™

given the fact that Miraggio™ is a unique distributor stylish Italian shells, artificial marble, available in a range of models is sure to satisfy even the most demanding customer. For those who planned to purchase inset wash basin in the bathroom, you should pay attention to the fact that the sinks are divided into categories according to their external characteristics. Buy inset washbasin in the bathroom in accordance with the project will succeed only if you have an idea what model needed to complete the bathroom ensemble.

depending on the form you can buy inset washbasin in the following variations:

  • inset sink bowl;
  • square inset sink;
  • round inset sink;
  • mortise oval sinks;
  • rectangular inset sink.

Flush sinks for a bathroom are performed in a different colour, and the most popular among them are the following:

  • blue color
  • black color
  • green gamma;
  • red gamma;
  • white.

Italian plumbing industry produces sinks in various sizes to fill the need of the potential customer it is in the plumbing, which is required for him. Depending on the size there are:

  • inset sink 30 cm;
  • inset washbasin 40 cm;
  • inset washbasin 45 cm;
  • inset washbasin 50 cm;
  • inset washbasin 60 cm;
  • inset washbasin 70 cm;
  • inset washbasin 80cm;
  • inset washbasin 90 cm;
  • mortise washstand 110 cm;
  • inset washbasin 120 cm

Why buy inset sink from Miraggio™

Flawless quality and stylish Italian plumber is known worldwide as the standard interior design solutions for the bathroom. Mortise sinks from Miraggio™ – one of the best representatives of the legendary plumbing. Whatever the project, sinks and washbasins from Miraggio™ is made from quartz sand and marble dust, will be an indicator of excellent taste of the owner. Hygienic, easy to clean, long service life – these are the characteristics that make plumbing a truly premium. Miraggio™ combines style, quality and reliability – supplier of plumbing options for the home that you can trust.