Rectangular washbasins

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Niche Italian plumbers – it is a complicated system in which everything works tirelessly to perfect quality, elegance and satisfaction from the resulting product. Here each piece is – is a work of art, and pick it up in order to complement your interior, it will take about with the same care. Competent selection of Italian shell for the house is only possible in the case if the person who arranges a comfortable and stylish home, has an idea about what he wants to see in his own house. Washstand, rectangular – one of those types classics that will look appropriate in any interior and style.

Washstand rectangular – the perfect contours

given the fact that the rectangular sink – this is one of the most popular models and is currently a good choice in favor of quality, the question arises, what is its uniqueness. Both the shape and material of its manufacture, which determines the price of a shell for the owner. Fundamental difference of this type of sink from others is its versatility. Rectangular washbasin easily attached to the pedestal Tulip, it can be installed on Cabinet, countertop, entry into the wall.

Rectangular sinks in the interior

most Appropriate for this type of sinks would look in a simple interior, luxury in its brevity, its delivery to major cities of Ukraine once again proves the relevance of Italian products in domestic matters. Cabinets or countertops ivory or jet black to complement the completeness and rigor of the shape of the rectangular sink. Buy rectangular washbasin, make it look good in contrasting interior, you can, but in this case the important monochrome design. If the walls are covered with floral designs, and floor plans to place a tile mosaic type with different patterns, buy rectangular washbasin better than a bright color and choose a warm tone, otherwise it will be lost in such a variety of colors and textures – view such projects can be in the photo on the Internet.

the rectangular sinks from Miraggio™

rectangular wash Basins differ in several characteristics. These same characteristics make the owner the right choice for a particular model.


By way of installing sinks rectangular divided into:

  • Mortise – shell slams into the wall:
  • Pendant – can be on the brackets or screws;
  • Invoice – installation on a horizontal surface.


as for the color scheme, which made the product, then the most common Italian shell in the following colours:

  • White
  • Black
  • Red;
  • Green;
  • Blue.

the variations there is much more, because only white can include all shades of cotton to ivory. You need to choose a sink depending on what style it was decided to endure the rest of the interior.


Another factor that you should not forget – the size of the shell. The view that the larger the shell, the better it is – is wrong. It should be remembered that the size of the shell must match the settings of the room in which it was installed. Buy rectangular sink, you can after the room was for her to accurately and precisely measured.

Regarding the size, the width of the rectangular sink can be the following:

  • Rectangular sink 30 cm;
  • rectangular Washbasin 40 cm;
  • Rectangular washbasin 45 cm;
  • Rectangular washbasin 50 cm;
  • rectangular Washbasin 60 cm;
  • Rectangular sinks 70 cm;
  • Rectangular sinks 80cm;
  • Rectangular washbasin 90 cm;
  • Rectangular washbasin 110 cm;
  • rectangular Washbasin 120 cm

in fact, bowl sinks are available in all required sizes.

Why buy rectangular sink from Miraggio™

Miraggio™ has become synonymous with Italian sense of style and almost absolute taste. Its articles of artificial stone is made from natural materials, such as marble chips. The special production process, and a proprietary coating, make shells from Miraggio™ particularly strong and pleasant to the touch. Italian aesthetics, backed by the hygiene and durability, make shells from Miraggio™ correct decision in favor of quality and comfortable life premium.