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taking into account the modern needs of repair and design, home plumbing for kitchen and bathroom can be of any shapes, colors and designs. At the same time, the most popular remains the classic model, designed in the optimum style and spent centuries. One of the classic models is a round sink that looks equally appropriate in both the Mediterranean and Scandinavian interiors, and allows you to add shadows, the status of any bathroom.

Round wash basin – the immortal classics

the Premium segment, to which the Italian plumber – it filled a niche with its rules. Round wash basin belongs to the category design solutions “not for all”, it is important to consider all features of how this model will fit into the existing interior.

Features a round sinks:

the Relatively high price of Italian plumbers, as a rule, due to its exceptional quality and style. Delivery across Ukraine suggests that the plumbing from Italy in demand, respect, and finds an appreciative customer. To make a good, proper choice of the sink, you need to check dozens and dozens of photos to finally make a choice and find exactly the model that will suit a particular project could not be better.
Fundamental difference of this type of sink is that it is quite difficult to make hanging or cutting during installation, so you need to choose the model that implicitly will be thrilled. Wash basin round shape must be placed in a bowl on a convenient table or the countertop. Only in this case the round wash basin will look harmonious in the place where it was installed.

Select round sinks from Miraggio™

the Round wash basin in the bathroom is considered a classic choice, as its sleek style fits well into different types of interiors. As there can be variations in the forms, the main emphasis falls on the size of the turbinates, as well as the colors in which they are made.
Depending on the method of installation, there are the following ways of mounting round sinks:


  • Mortise;
  • Invoice;
  • “Tulip” with the pedestal
  • Pendant.

patch installation method is best suited for a round basin, so it makes sense to buy a round sink and immediately pick him cupboard or countertop. Also to buy a round washbasin is possible to install it on a pedestal in the form of a Tulip, but we must remember that the best and most Mature style – is to place the shell on a flat surface.
Sinks round also be selected depending on the color of the solution in which they are made. Preferably circular shell is presented in Italian plumbing industry in the following colors:

  • Red;
  • Green;
  • Blue;
  • Black
  • White.

Round washstand find and buy easily enough. Difficult to find it so that it looked harmonious and stylish after completion of the work.

you Should also consider the size of the bowl. There are round holes of various diameters, the most common of these are:

  • Round sink 30 cm;
  • round Washbasin 40 cm;
  • Round washbasin 45 cm;
  • Round washbasin 50 cm;
  • round Washbasin 60 cm;
  • Round washbasin 70 cm;
  • Round washbasin 80cm;
  • Round basin 90cm;
  • Round washstand 110 cm;
  • round Washstand 120 cm

Why buy a round wash basin from Miraggio™

Italian quality and perfect style dictated way of life and an innate taste – that is plumbing from Miraggio™. It is a daily pleasure and comfort of elegance that is seen in every line and every carefully-chosen color. Shell premium Miraggio™ presents a wide variety of sizes and colors, made of natural materials such as quartz sand and marble chips, which ensures guaranteed quality, environmental friendliness and durability. The secrets of the Italian masters for the status of life; Miraggio™ – comfort and style that is impossible to ignore.