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In the kitchen world, a sink with a wing is a model that has gained popularity quite recently. The functional purpose of the wing is an additional working surface. The sink with a wing is asymmetrical, it is suitable for those who want to make the kitchen interior as modern and unusual as possible. Such sinks can become a real piece of art, especially if they are made of noble and natural material.

Choosing a sink with a wing

You can successfully select one of the working areas of the kitchen with the help of an original sink. Wing sinks are not only an unusual shape that attracts the attention of all guests, but also convenience and wide functionality. It is perfect for owners of spacious kitchens that have several wide and long countertops. If the space seems even too much, you can fill it with a massive natural stone sink. They are made of quartz sand, the hardness of which is 7 out of 10 on the Mohs scale, which is a very good indicator.

Injection-molded sinks are much more reliable and durable than sinks made of stainless steel and other materials. Quartz sand stone does not deteriorate and is not subject to corrosion. Unlike ceramic sinks, stone sinks are not afraid of temperature changes and mechanical shocks. The service life of such plumbing equipment is not even limited to dozens of years. The main thing is careful attitude and proper care.

The wings of such sinks can be used in different ways. For example, put clean or dirty dishes on them. Durable and high-temperature resistant material allows you to use the wings as a stand for hot pots and pans. The second wing, as a rule, is made in the form of a small additional shell. A sink with two wings has several drain holes at once. If dirty dishes have accumulated in one sink, you can wash fruits, meat or vegetables in the additional one.

If you want to make an expensive interior of a small kitchen area, you can give preference to sinks made of natural stone of other shapes:

  • rectangular shape;
  • round;
  • oval shape;
  • square;
  • It's asymmetrical.

Stone in the interior has long been considered a sign of luxury, as this material is quite difficult to process. Ennobling a dwelling with stone interior items, the design of an apartment or house becomes fashionable and relevant beyond time. To make a quartz sand sink look more aesthetically pleasing, you should choose the right shade. Sinks may have different colors:

  • pesochny;
  • black;
  • gray;
  • jasmine;
  • terra;
  • white.

A stone sink will be a worthy decoration for the kitchen of any style-from the magnificent neoclassical to light, floral and airy Provence. A kitchen sink made of noble quartz in a neutral shade will fit especially well into an interior in the style of minimalism, because its main principles are naturalness, natural color scheme and conciseness.

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