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Desire to bring something unusual, stylish design of the bathroom pushes many designers to develop new models of sanitary ware. New forms, new technological solutions, and, of course, modifierade already known of all the classical solutions to the developed element of the interior was not only functional but extremely attractive. To this category of modified classics include hanging wash basin.

Hanging wash basin – the originality and ergonomics on the wall of your bathroom

overhead structure has a significant number of advantages over other types of shell structures. Therefore, those who are planning hanging wash basin buy, need to be aware of a number of positive qualities that they offer this type of plumbing. Wall mount finger bowls allows you to give the interior a fresh and has a positive impact on the functionality of the bathroom.

Features hanging washbasin

the wall sink is gaining popularity in recent years and to buy such – it means to be in a trend and to obtain all the benefits that this model is no sink cabinets and countertops can provide. Easy installation of suspended type of the bowl allows you to quickly and with minimal effort to install a new sink in the bathroom without using additional devices.
A variety of design options – another important positive feature. Despite the simple design, hanging bowls are available in a large selection of design options – usually in the online store are photos of models. They can have different texture, color, crystallised in an unusual form.
With regard to the materials that manufacturers use various options of natural materials, such as metal, ceramic, glass – there are plenty to choose from. Stone sinks occupy the first position in this list, having a relatively low price. It often happens that the delivery service is available throughout Ukraine, the consumer has access to interesting design suggestions.

Diversity of our range of suspended washbasins

Given the excellent taste of the Italian masters of plumbing, our online store offers a wide selection of pendant sinks for a variety of your design preferences:

  • Compact size. Due to the fact that under the bowl there is no supporting elements, it releases a large amount of useful space in the bathroom. Under the sink can be placed towel racks, baskets, mats, and just leaving the floor area free, if the size of the bathroom is quite small.
  • Functionality. Mount suspension can bowl at any convenient height. Another positive feature of sink attachment – no hard to clean places after the wall and floor under the Cup are open.
  • Aesthetics. Unlike desktop models and overhead, pendant designs look particularly elegant and refined, have a reputation for being stylistically versatile designs. Besides, it is easy to hide all going to sink communication because they are mounted in the wall and not take up any extra space, as would be in the Cabinet. Hanging shell – a pledge status of a bathroom interior.

depending on the dimensions in the width of the basins are divided into these types:

  • shell pendant 30 cm;
  • mounted washbasin 40 cm;
  • pendant washbasin 45 cm;
  • pendant washbasin 50 cm;
  • mounted washbasin 60 cm;
  • mounted washbasin 70 cm;
  • mounted washbasin 80cm;
  • mounted washbasin 90 cm;
  • hanging wash basin 110cm;
  • mounted washbasin 120 cm

As you can see, buy hanging shells from Miraggio™ can be in a variety of sizes from the smallest 30 cm to the largest 120 cm wide.
As for the shape, the choice is not less wide. Attention customers presented:


  • Square hanging wash basin;
  • Oval pendant shell;
  • Rectangular hanging wash basin;
  • Round wash bowl.

There is also a division according to the color. To each owner can choose the sink you want and for interior sinks come in the following colors:

  • Red;
  • Blue;
  • Green;
  • Black
  • Beige;
  • White.

Available in other colours – it was listed the most popular colors, which can be performed pendant shell.

basic differences hanging shells

Sink, pendant bowl which is attached to the wall, is significantly different in design from built-in, overhead and tabletop models.
If you consider that a wash basin hanging fixed to the wall by means of special elements, the wall needs to be strong and to withstand the weight of not only design, but also things that later on she will be put, and the water accumulated in the bowl. For desktop and overhead models this fixture is not relevant – the weight keeps countertop or a similar design. Another difference hinged shells is the ability to use a siphon as a decorative element. So, washbasin suspended to which you connected the plumbing pipes, decorated with a chrome plated metal, will be a highlight of the interior.

Why buy wall wash basin from Miraggio™

Environmentally friendly, elegant and impeccably stylish sink from Miraggio™ – this is the best choice for those who value high status in the interior and premium comfort. Durability – one of the basic functional characteristics of the Italian sinks, which are guaranteed to last up to 10 years and will continue their excellent performance. Quartz sand and marble chips that are used in the manufacture of sinks by Miraggio™ will provide absolute structural integrity of products. Hygienic, easy to clean and refined Italian style Miraggio™ – this is the best solution for those who value convenience and prestige.