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Kitchen sink is one of the most important elements in the kitchen. It allows you to quickly rinse the different ingredients before use to keep the dishes and work surfaces in perfect condition. 

Natural stone has an attractive appearance, but afford the sink from this raw material can be the most wealthy buyers. Ceramic and steel used for the manufacture of sinks for many decades, but their durability and practicality is poor. For this reason, manufactures its Miraggio kitchen sinks quartz sand. This plumbing will make your kitchen even more original and exciting.

Properties sinks Miraggio™

to Buy a kitchen sink, we have had many lucky people who were satisfied with their choice. quartz sand gives the products of excellent performance, among which are:

  • Durability. Many tests show that kitchen sinks made of artificial stone can be used up to 15 years. During this time, they practically do not lose their aesthetic qualities.
  • Ecological cleanliness and safety. Artificial stone, which is a mixture of quartz sand and polyester resins are not contains in its composition of toxic components. He's also does not have a background radiation, which is inherent in any natural stone. This material is hypoallergenic, so it can be used in any kitchen.
  • Aesthetic appeal. Kitchen sinks made of synthetic stone have a variety of shapes and shades. This plumbing you'll be able to fit into any environment.
  • Antibacterial qualities. Artificial stone is carefully polished in the production process. Material in its structure has minimal porosity and completely devoid of cracks. For this reason, the surface will not accumulate dirt and germs.

Among the variety of brands that Miraggio managed to acquire a high reputation in Ukraine and Europe. Our customers can be assured that for the production of sinks in the kitchen will be used only high-quality components. The result kitchen sink can withstand high loads without getting even the smallest damage.

Although the washer will be operated with a sharp temperature changes on its surface will not have chips or cracks. For this reason, to care for the sink as simple as possible.

In the production process, all products are covered with a special compound ISO NPG Gelcoat. With his help, plumbing takes on a deeper hue, it becomes pleasant to the touch and more hygienic. Artificial stone is maintainable material. For this reason, the appearance on its surface chips or scratches will not be a death sentence, since they can be easily removed during the restoration. All the products presented in our catalogue, be sure to are certified ISO 9001:2015. They meet the high standards PN-EN.

our Range of sinks for the kitchen

You are probably already interested in kitchen sink from Miraggio, then at the time of her choosing, pay attention to the following parameters:

  • color;
  • form;
  • material;
  • dimensions;
  • extra features.

Our customers can always get detailed advice from the specialists. Each sink made of artificial stone has a detailed description on the website that facilitates the choice. 

Rules of care of kitchen sinks

cleaning the surface produced in soft material or sponge. If you need to clean up stubborn stains, you can use a concentrated soap solution or detergent for dishes.

Eliminate the use of aggressive detergents or abrasive brushes. Such detergents may cause tarnishing shade or education minor scratches.

In that case, if you don't have special cleaner, you can use regular cooking soda. Artificial stone will quickly become like new, and stains on its surface there will be no trace.

Our production technology

 Free™, as an Internet store, is constantly expanding its product range to even the most demanding customer found a suitable solution.

One of the features of our plumbers is the use of a marble crumb. This feature gives to the product a strength, reliability and durability prior to mechanical impact. At the same time, the shape of the sinks can be very different, allowing you to make it even more unique and convenient operation.

the Outer coating acts ISO NPG Gelcoat, which improves safety in the kitchen washing and has a high hygienic properties.


glossy finish allows you to make products for the kitchen bright in appearance. Our store and production of kitchen sinks in Ukraine guarantees that take care of the invoice will be easy, if you decide to buy the sink for the kitchen we have. To maintain the product in perfect shape, you need to:

  • clean the surface with detergent, which does not include abrasives;
  • for cleaning do not use acid, ammonia and sodium hydroxide;
  • if you appear on the surface scuffs or scratches, you can restore the gloss enough to hold Polish in accordance with the instructions.


Our kitchen sinks, have a lot of unique qualities and benefits. One of them is the use of technology MiraMarble Matt, which is used in the manufacture of sinks and baths with a matte finish. The main part is marble chips that improve the performance of the products. Matte finish velvet material known for its strength and durability. Our store guarantees all products that you can find in our catalog.

How to buy kitchen sinks in Ukraine?

In our catalog regularly appears new products that will allow you to buy a sink from an artificial stone for any interior. We will ship your order to the city Zaporizhia, Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepr, Odessa, Krivoy Rog in the shortest possible time. Our online shop puts a lot of effort to save the most beneficial for customers prices and support high level of customer focus and quality of service.  

Using plumbing Miraggio™ one day, you will fall in love with it forever!