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free-standing bathtub – classic and modern design

free-standing tub is precisely the element of the interior, through which you can create a truly rich and unique design of the room.

Picking up the model of the bath, you should take into account not only aesthetic, but also functional characteristics of the product. It is necessary that the element of the interior not only has become a luxury decoration, but also give unmatched comfort to the owners.

free-standing bathroom from Miraggio™

As a manufacturer of modern sanitary ware products, the company Miraggio™ presents to consumers the widest range of products, in a variety of shapes and sizes. Free-standing baths, presented in our catalogue are made of cast marble segment "premium".

Each piece has a stylish design, unsurpassed elegance, giving a touch of luxury to the interior space, which takes pride of place.

Advantages of freestanding baths

Before you buy free-standing bathtub, you should take into account a number of special criteria, depending on the characteristics of the room. The weight, shape and dimensions – perhaps the most significant parameters. To fully study the free-standing baths from artificial stone, will see their good qualities, which include:

  • Shiny aesthetic features that provide the ability to set this element of the interior in almost any area of the room.
  • the Presence of thick-walled structures is presented of type involves the presence of hidden communication that gives the interior a neat appearance.
  • Location of bath in the center of the room is very free access to it from either side.
  • stress Resistance and excellent insulation.
  • Long-term preservation of high water temperature due to the low thermal conductivity.
  • the possibility of equipping the baths an optional extra (whirlpool, etc).
  • Not absorb and not emit radiation.
  • the Practicality and durability.

it is Worth noting that the advantages of the products determined on the basis of users experience, list the manufacturer as well as the opinions of experts specializing in the Assembly of structures.

Selection of bath from Miraggio™

free-standing baths, the price of which corresponds to their decent quality, have many different characteristics. The classification models are their shape, installation method, and design execution.

as for the color scheme, modern products are often performed in the following shades:

  • blue;
  • white
  • red;
  • black
  • green.

in addition, the product different shades of the colors enumerated – as you can see, choice is really great. And high-quality photos of models in our catalog will help make a good choice.

If a classification is the product, the freestanding models are presented in the following versions:

  • bowl;
  • square;
  • oval;
  • rectangular;
  • square.

deserve Special attention rounded, ellipsoidal or even asymmetrical variations indeterminate forms.

Speaking of classification, do not forget that, in addition to free-standing models, the most popular built-in bath that also have an elegant design and practicality.

Why you should buy a free-standing bathtub from Free™

really good, reliable and luxurious piece of furniture bathtub – all this product brand Miraggio. Our catalog presents the elegant and luxurious design ideas incarnation at prices corresponding to a decent quality products. Dnipro, Odessa, Kharkiv, Nikolaev – in any city of Ukraine you may live, we will arrange prompt delivery to any of the ways.