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marble Bathroom – environmental friendliness and comfort

Year, when the shelves of shops you can find tubs exclusively from steel or cast iron, were left far behind. In the beginning of the XXI century, they were replaced quickly gained popularity acrylic models, but progress is moving forward quickly.

Relatively recently appeared on the market baths marble. This model in the premium segment of the highest quality which differ in attractiveness, functionality, and reliability. Bathtubs made of natural stone with a unique technology, products are eco-friendly and incredibly attractive appearance.

Bathroom of cast marble from Miraggio™

Manufacturer of quality plumbing – the main activity Miraggio™. Marble bathroom from the manufacturer can boast of a high level of strength. Due to this, the surface remains perfectly smooth and glossy for many years, unlike cheaper counterparts, which are covered with small "web" scratches after a few months.

Cast marble has many positive qualities. If the bathroom is of cast marble bought from us, you can be confident in its reliability. All goods have certificates confirming their flawless quality. To see the photo of the product and detailed descriptions in more detail on our website.

Advantages baths marble

Bathrooms of cast marble have a number of positive qualities for which they are so appreciated by our clients. Among the advantages it is necessary to indicate the following items:

  • Good level of resistance to physical stress.
  • Low thermal conductivity allows to maintain a comfortable temperature.
  • sound Insulation properties, due to which you won't annoy sound of dripping water.
  • Can be added to hot equipment.
  • Color, shape and thickness can vary, depending on the wishes of the customer.
  • Minor scratches removed by polishing.

Marble baths – this is a good option for people who appreciate comfort and durability. We recommend not to save on the purchase of plumbing, as the price of products is fully justified by their quality and service life.

Selection of bath from Miraggio™

Bathroom, faux marble has many variations of the design. The first is to choose a form of product:

  • Bowl-tub perfect for people who appreciate a classic touch in everything.
  • Square and rectangular tubs are a great fit in modern design.
  • the Oval and round tubs – option, which looks fresh and unusual, but for their installation will need a lot of space.

depending on the installation method there are the following variations:

  • standing on legs or a pedestal tubs can be installed in the middle of the room or in one of the corners.
  • Built-in tubs require more installation time by creating a special recess in the floor or wall, but will help save space.

the Choice of colors depends on the initial concept bath, taste preferences of the customer and other nuances. Most of our customers stop at:

  • white
  • blue;
  • green;
  • black
  • red.

when Faced with this question for the first time, you can get confused. A good solution would be to receive professional advice from the designer who specializiruetsya on the interiors of the bathrooms.

Why buy the tub, artificial marble from Miraggio™

marble bath, which you can buy on our website, the ideal solution for customers who want to emphasize their status, appreciate the aesthetics of the dwelling and not afraid of change.

For further delivery to Ukraine (Kyiv, Dnipro, Odessa, Kharkiv and other cities), refer to the specified phone number. The consultants will be happy to help you make the right decision and place your order.