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bath bowl – the Italian style in modern design

increasingly bathrooms become the most important part of the residential spaces with their modern characters, in combination with the personal requirements of the design and atmosphere of unmatched serenity. Bath bowl Miraggio – the charm of modern style and the embodiment of your cherished dreams of luxury and elegance.

Bathroom bowl from Miraggio™

the Main tenets of our activity is the highest level of quality and reliability of manufactured products. Therefore, the material for the manufacture of models, photos of which are presented in our online catalog, was chosen cast marble-class "Suite".

Each bathroom bowl, made of this material, amazing wealth of modifications and designs. The secret lies in the fact that the liquid mass can freeze in absolutely any form. This means that designers you receive an amazing opportunity to make a reality all original ideas and bathroom bowl becomes a true dream come true.

Advantages bath in a Cup

Elegance – it is this feature, most simply characterized by the tub in the shape of a bowl. Exceptional design is created in order that you could get unparalleled relaxation.

Items, material for which was cast marble, endowed with a number of advantages, and key are:

  • low degree of thermal conductivity. The secret is in that cool water in the bowl requires a lot of time that extends minutes for enjoying hot water;

resistance to various damages. Cast marble knows no chips or cracks – they just are not formed on it. Besides, the material is not afraid of loads, even up to tons.

  • fantastic insulation, so the water will not irritate thundering cannonade drops;
  • resistance is ensured by the average weight of the bowl. This feature is incredibly important for freestanding models;
  • environmentally friendly and hygienic. On a flat surface, devoid of pores, practically does not accumulate bacteria. In addition, this material is not prone to increased radioactive background;
  • durability. These baths will delight with its high quality for more than one decade.

the Bowl to the bathroom may take a worthy place in your own personal Spa area. You just have to enjoy taking a bath, smoothing out the rough edges of the past day.

Selection of bath from Miraggio™

bath bowl is an example of a transformation of a Victorian style with a modern twist. Our catalogue is rich in various modifications of this type, so you just have to choose the product that will be best addition to your space.

Thanks to the subtleties of production technology, modern models are presented in extensive range of colors, the basic shades which are:

  • black
  • blue;
  • white
  • red;
  • green.

in addition, the criterion of the method of installation are presented in our catalog:

  • freestanding models;
  • embedded products.

Thanks to the basic oval shapes and elegant curves, represented bath in a modern style and offers the highest level of comfort while taking a bath.

Why you should buy bath bowl from Miraggio™

We present a wide choice of baths, premium quality, while shipping as the Dnieper, and in any point of Ukraine. As for the price represented in the catalog baths, it fully meets their quality – not just good, but truly higher.