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Square sink: classic design in a modern style

Мойка Square sink made of natural stone can turn cooking and any pastime in the kitchen into a pleasure. It pleases with everything - from a graceful and sophisticated appearance to ease of use. The process of washing dishes in such a sink can be a holiday, because it is always nice to use really high-quality plumbing. Мойка The square sink will be an ideal addition to a modern interior, because simple shapes and neutral base shades are the main trend of the last few years.

Choosing a square sink

In order not to turn cooking into torture, it is important to choose the right sink. Square sink made of natural and selected quartz sand – the best choice for the kitchen of the owner, who is important to equip the home with only the highest quality items.

Stone is a material that was, is, and will always be relevant. Cast mineral sinks have much more advantages than their metal, ceramic, and glass counterparts. Nothing compares in terms of durability, reliability and strength with stone plumbing covered with a protective gelcoat. It is not afraid of rust, mold, moisture, high or low temperature. A stone sink can survive all other elements of the home, and it will not need to be replaced if properly used for decades.

If there is any doubt that a square-shaped sink will look harmonious, you can always choose alternative options:

  • rectangular shape;
  • round;
  • oval shape;
  • It's asymmetrical.

A square kitchen sink is the most versatile option. It is more spacious than a round sink, and the appearance will be in harmony with any kitchen set and appliances. In a square sink, it will be convenient to clean not only plates, cups and other tableware from dirt, but also large pots and pans. The square-shaped sink has no wings, which is suitable for the most minimalistic interiors. Despite its roominess and convenience, such a sink can be equipped with even the smallest kitchen area. The color of the sink will be chosen by everyone:

  • pesochny;
  • black;
  • gray;
  • jasmine;
  • terra;
  • white.

The range is presented exclusively in natural, basic and topical shades. Having ordered a sink in one of these colors, you can not worry that after a few years it will already go out of fashion. A sink that has the same color as the countertop will look especially expensive, stylish, decent and concise. The stone from which the sink is made is perfectly combined with glass and wood. The kitchen, made from an ensemble of these three materials, will not leave anyone indifferent. Stone, glass and wood have long been valued in the interior both in the East and in Western countries.

Why you should buy a square sink from Miraggio™

If you need a square sink for your kitchen, Miraggio™ plumbing is a great choice. The company has been receiving only rave reviews from customers for more than 10 years. Natural stone products are successfully sold not only inUkraine, but also beyond its borders. The online-store provides delivery to all localities directly to the door of the house. Despite the unsurpassed quality, prices for plumbing from Miraggio™ are quite affordable. The company's website offers high-quality photos of all models. You can see not only square sinks for the kitchen, but also washbasins for the bath and other plumbing equipment. Square kitchen sinks are available in different sizes, and there is always a wide selection of pleasant, versatile shades.