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Round sink: convenience in a modern style

One of the signs of an expensive and refined interior is the use of natural and noble materials. The round sink is made of rounded quartz sand of rock with a silicon content. This product perfectly performs not only utilitarian functions, but also serves as a full-fledged aesthetic interior item due to its appearance. Any decoration becomes expensive and refined with it.

The round shape of the sink will fit perfectly into any kitchen design, will be a great addition to the kitchen set. There are several colors available that will never lose their relevance.

Choosing a round sink

A sink is a primary element of the kitchen, and you should never skimp on it. They are in contact with plumbing equipment on a daily basis, and the guests ' eyes always fall on it. If you want to impress others with the sophistication of the interior, a round sink in the kitchen is an ideal option. You can also choose a different shape or size depending on your personal preferences:

  • rectangular shape;
  • oval shape;
  • square;
  • It's asymmetrical.

The advantage of a round sink is the relevance of the shape. Interior designers always strive to round out everything from carpets to furniture. It is believed that rounded elements in the interior have a calming and good effect on the human psyche. The circle is always associated with harmony and comfort. Sinks of this form are convenient in operation, they are easy to clean from dirt.

Rounded kitchen sinks meet all the main trends of the current year. First, it is a fashion for rounded streamlined shapes. You can combine round plumbing fixtures with decor and furniture of a similar style. Arches are especially relevant now instead of doors. We can say that the main sign of a fashionable interior now is imitation of the design of apartments and houses of the 1970s.

Secondly, it is naturalness and the use of neutral shades. This trend will not leave us for a long time, as experts in coloristics say. выбораThe following colors are available for selection:

  • pesochny;
  • black;
  • gray;
  • jasmine;
  • terra;
  • white.

Choose the shade of the sink is necessary, focusing on the overall range of the kitchen. You can use the three-color rule or other design techniques. The main thing is that the round sink in the kitchen is combined with one of the other elements of the room.

The presented range is the most versatile. You can choose an option regardless of the style of the interior – from the majestic and grand Empire style to the modern urban high-tech or loft.

The colors of stone sinks will always be popular, as they were created by nature itself. No need to be afraid to spoil the interior by choosing the wrong shade. You can always give preference to universal colors-white or black. If the main range of the kitchen is made in cool shades, a chic addition to the room will be plumbing in shades of terra, jasmine or gray. A sand-colored sink will perfectly fit into the kitchen in warm tones.

Why you should buy a round kitchen sink from Miraggio™

The round kitchen sink from the Miraggio online store will satisfy the requirements of even the most demanding customer. Plumbing perfectly performs all tasks. It can last for more than a dozen years if properly maintained, although its price is affordable for everyone, as it is made of very durable natural and stainless material. Such a round kitchen sink will add status to the interior, it looks expensive and refined. High-quality фотоproduct photos can be viewed on the website.

Miraggio™ is the quintessence of comfort and aesthetics. The products of this company are without exaggeration unique, as they are produced using their own exclusive technologies. Presented round kitchen sinks on the market for more than 10 years, and all this time received only rave reviews from customers. Delivery is available to any locality in the country.