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There is a perception that the quality of the plumbing can evaluate the level of wealth of the owner of the house or apartment. Cheap simple plumbing will give a person that is not able to properly equip the house, what are spacious and have square footage. Someone who knows the price of luxury and comfort, understands that plumbing should be beautiful, reliable, and designed for years of service. There are certain models of sanitary ware, which differ from the others with its Mature status form and give the interior a luxurious look, while still being concise and rigorous.


Washbasin invoice – the essence of luxury and reliability

nowadays invoice washbasin can be found far from each house in Ukraine. All because this luxury durable model requires a certain investment in its acquisition and installation. But after it completed its delivery and installation, the paid price will pay for itself many times and with a vengeance.


Shell invoice has a number of fundamentally different traits that make it different from any other models:


  • usually unprofitable models of different shapes are set on the countertop or Cabinet. Hence, their name slips. The bowl of the sink as if superimposed on a horizontal plane and it is. At the same time, all plumbing lines, such as pipes, siphons, plastic knee hiding either in the Cabinet or in the space under the countertop, so the sink looks incredibly stylish and thoughtfully.
  • show designer photo of several shells, he will definitely choose the invoice option. It's a win-win model, which due to its practicality and functionality are gaining popularity. You can choose what to put on the plane countertops or cabinets: bottles with hygiene, personal belongings or clean towels that they had on hand.
  • Another significant difference from other models – ease of removal and re-installation in place. It is a good choice for those who plans to build a bathroom for a long time. If necessary, the shell can always remove, clean, or restore and put in its place.

for Those who plan to buy a shell overhead, it would be helpful to know what is the invoice type of sinks is best suited for spacious rooms in the Scandinavian and Mediterranean style. Modern interiors is also well accepted countertop basins on the condition that they will be painted in the appropriate overall interior color and worktops will be designed in the same style as the flooring.

Select invoices sinks from Miraggio™

Sink invoice – this is a relevant choice for a large family, as it may even be a double, and it does not look massive. Bathrooms for couples will look stylish and comfortable if equip its invoices sinks. Before you choose and install a washbasin invoice, you need to navigate to available options for this type of sinks. If washbasin invoice planned to take in a small apartment, you should choose the size that will fit a particular room.

depending on the form, invoice sink you can pick up this type:

  • Invoice vessel sinks;
  • fitted, Square basin;
  • Round patch washbasin;
  • Oval sinks invoices;
  • rectangular Washbasin invoice.

as overhead washbasin for the bathroom fit well with almost any decor, it is necessary to pay attention to the color scheme, in which each particular basin is made. The most frequent following color scheme:

  • Red shades;
  • Green tones;
  • Black color
  • White;
  • Blue color.

Overhead washbasin for the bathroom can be both neutral shades and bright. Usually there are sinks more calm colors that are well suited for aristocratic sustained projects, and the rest is produced or delivered under the individual order.
To buy the invoice sink, should be based on their size. To follow it is recommended not only because the size fits or not, but the overall style in which the basin is sustained. The most common sizes are the following:

  • invoice sink 30 cm;
  • sink invoice 40cm;
  • invoice washbasin 45 cm;
  • invoice washbasin 50 cm;
  • invoice washbasin 60 cm;
  • overhead washbasin 70 cm;
  • overhead washbasin 80cm;
  • invoice washbasin 90 cm;
  • invoice washstand 110 cm;
  • invoice washstand 120 cm

As can be seen, the opportunity to pick up sinks, practically in any required size. Buy invoice sink will be quite simple if you navigate what the size of the shell is required, and what color will be made this purchase.

Why you should purchase invoice sink from Miraggio™

Absolute comfort and style – here's how to describe countertop basins from Miraggio™. Each model invoice sinks are designed and developed with true Italian elegance. Reasoning forms, luxurious in its simplicity, the color and the style of – all this creates a unified impression of prosperity and high status. Environmentally friendly materials, which have been used in the manufacture of sinks by Miraggio™ guarantees a real aesthetic pleasure from rich smooth texture, and complete safety during daily use. Comfortable washing in the sink recruited in the morning is no longer a luxury but affordable event to care for themselves.