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The implementation of the most original design ideas for bathroom decoration would be impossible without appropriate plumbing. Using modernwashbasins, youcan create a unique interior even for such a multifunctional room as a bathroom.

Double washbasins for the bathroom allow rational use of space, freeing up square meters of space for solving other tasks.

Features of double sinks

The key feature of washbasins of this category, which explains their name, is the presence of two bowls. Double bathroom sink – luxury or justified necessity? If the size of the bathroom allows, and there are two or more people in the family, the choice is obvious. This sink will help each family member organize their own hygiene corner.

Double washbasins can be grouped according to the following criteria::

  1. By form. Rectangular and square, round and oval – in our store you can buy a sink of any size and geometry.
  2. Washbasin with hidden drain or traditional. The presence of additional holes may not fit into the design idea. In this case, you can choose plumbing fixtures from the first group.
  3. Models with and without tap holes. In the second case, the mixer can come out of the countertop or out of the wall.
  4. The presence of a working surface – a wing. In the case of a wing design, the double washbasin has an additional countertop between the bowls or on both sides of them.
  5. According to the method of installation – overhead, built-in and suspended structures. In the first two cases, you need additional furniture to install the sink-a countertop, a cabinet or a console.

To get a complete solution and a single stylistic design, other elements of the bathroom interior (plumbing, furniture) must also correspond to the chosen concept.

Advantages of a double washbasin

Installing a double washbasin in the bathroom, what advantages does the owner get?:

  • organization of space for comfortable hygiene procedures by all family members. The larger sink with two bowls has two drains and two faucets. This feature allows you to use it for at least two people at the same time without causing discomfort to each other;
  • stylish and aesthetic bathroom interior item;
  • the perfect solution for large spaces. In them, standard sinks with one bowl often look lonely. A double sink can fill the space, becoming one of its main details.

Why you should buy a double sink in the online store "Miraggio"

Our organization is a manufacturer of plumbing fixtures "Miraggio", so we provide a ten-year warranty on all products offered. Any sink for 2 faucets purchased in our store is delivered free of charge to all localities of Ukraine. Within 90 days from the date of purchase, you can return the product or exchange it for another model.