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Bathtub – the main component of luxury and comfort in a modern design

Shower – it is compact and ergonomic. But this element of plumbing will never be able to compete with a convenient, functional baths. Made of natural stone, it will decorate your apartment, give comfort and provide an opportunity to relax after a hard working day.

Every connoisseur will find its advantages. But the important role played by the quality. To ensure that the product will delight you and gave relax, pay attention to the bath premium segment. This plumbing different reliability and functionality.

We have adopted a unique production technology, due to which the life of the baths several times higher than that of peers from the mass market. Rest assured, we will find a bathtub that is right now!

The Materials of construction for the bath Free™

the Traditional model of iron and steel – the most popular options on the market, but for people who value environmental friendliness and comfort, we are ready to offer other solutions.

Tubs Miraggio made of cast marble premium quality. Plays an important role in not only functionality, but also a question of aesthetics. The obtained composite reliability and warmth. The appearance of the product effective. Bright and smooth gloss will highlight the impeccable taste of the owner and his personality.

the benefits of baths of cast marble

Purchased we baths have a number of advantages. Regular customers appreciate the products of the luxury segment for the following characteristics:

  • High level of resistance to physical impact. Due to the use in the production of artificial stone product is durable.
  • Content retain heat well and don't allow the water to cool down quickly, so you can have long to bask in the bathroom without additional technician heating.
  • Noise insulation properties. Some clients can't stand the sounds of dripping water, so prefer cast marble bathroom that absorb noise.
  • Acquiring tub, artificial stone, you can not worry about the content of the radiation, which often accumulates in natural materials.
  • a Question of choice of colors, shape and thickness depends on the preferences of the customer.
  • Caring for a bathroom does not require large expenditures of time and slight scratches are easily removed with a simple polishing.

So, these baths are ideal for people who value their time and want to get comfort without any problems. By purchasing products from us, you can be confident in the quality and availability of all the necessary certificates.

Correct care of the bathroom

Buying freestanding baths, it is important to think in advance about the issue of cleaning and consider all the nuances. We recommend to pay attention to the following points:

  • from time to Time bath requires care. We do not recommend to stop the choice on detergents aggressive components in the composition. Ideal for this purpose, you can use soft cloth, soap and running water.
  • In case of greasy stains, remove them with hydrogen peroxide and ammonia.
  • Artificial stone almost does not fade with time. If the material is still dims to correct the situation will help mechanical polishing.

If you have any additional questions you may always contact the support team of the shop – polite managers will gladly help you understand care for the purchased equipment.

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Selection of bath from Miraggio™

Deciding to buy a tub in Ukraine, give preference to proven manufacturers with a good reputation. In catalogue of products from Miraggio™ depending on the need form you will find these variations:

  • Bowl-tub – the standard model is highly popular for decades.
  • Rectangular bathtub – standard solution that saves space.
  • Oval bath a new look, as are rare. This decision will add flavor to the interior of the room.

hard Enough choose tub in color, because for coloring outside the bath, you can choose any color of the RAL palette. The most common are the hints:

  • White – the usual color for plumbing.
  • Blue also occurs often enough, clients appreciate his attractive appearance, and practicality.
  • Black shade looks different, this is an unusual decision for the most daring clients.
  • shades of Green used for the decoration of bathrooms along with cool blue tones.
  • Red plumber suit for home, decorated in the style of pop-art or art Nouveau.

Important factor – choice method installation. There are two standard solutions:

  • free-standing tub is mounted on legs or base, and the side part covered with decoration. This looks unusual and stylish, but it is suitable only for areas with a large area.
  • Built-in bathtub – the ideal model for small bathrooms, however, for installation you will need to create a depression in the floor, a recess in the wall, or to build the pedestal.
  • Wall of the bath, at least one side should be in contact with the wall.

in Order to make a final decision, please read the photo options baths, which are presented on our web store. This will help you to visualize how the product will look in your home.

Why buy from Miraggio bath™

bath from Miraggio™ – it is a product that embodies a beautiful performance and aesthetic characteristics. Price that plumbers are fully justified its quality.

For the order of goods contact at the specified phone number. Friendly consultants will be happy to help you make good a choice to make shipping in Dnipro, Kiev, Kharkiv and other cities of Ukraine, specify the conditions of payment and will answer all the questions.