Contract offer

Tsei Contract ним a public agreement - an agreement of a public offer, so that it is subject to Article 633 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, and give us the same opinion for all buyers, regardless of their status (physical person, legal person, legal person) In case of a new agreement, the buyer accepts the order of registration of the order, payment for the goods, delivery of the goods.

Tsei Contract to please the company "Miraggio" (dal in the text - "Seller") and be a juridical person, a physical person, a physical person, we’re going to buy a message to the online store, I’m going to give "Buyer"), which includes all the organization of the purchase - sale by a remote method (tobto through the website).

Under the Agreement, regulate the relations between the Seller and the Purchase and be governed by the Law of Ukraine "On the seizure of the rights of survivors" No. 1023-XII dated 12 May 1991, Regulations for the Promotion of Trade in Non-Food Products, the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine

For the sake of being in the nature of a public offer, the equivalent of "please us" and, apparently, prior to the honorable legislation of Ukraine, I have proper legal force.

1. Headquarters

1.1. The whole agreement with a public offer (according to Art. 633, 641 and Ch. 63 of the Civil Code of Ukraine) and to excuse all the organizing of the purchase and sale by a remote method, to be done through the website.

1.2. Vidpovidno to st. 642 of the Civil Code of Ukraine to the unconditional acceptance of the minds of the public agreement, so that the public offer to the site is a fact of the onslaught on the efforts of "Issue a replacement", "Development of a replacement"

1.3. The public offer is also accepted when restoring the Purchase on the site.

1.4. The Agreement is accepted, the Buyer pidtverzhu, but in general and in order to increase knowledge and use by the minds, as well as in times, if the Buyer is a physical person, yes, he made a call to the revision of his personal dates in accordance otrimannya rakhunkiv, acts and other documents. I received a call to the processing of personal tributes by extending the agreement to the Agreement. In addition to the provisions of the Agreement, the Buyer has confirmed that he has been informed (without additional information) about the rights established by the Law of Ukraine "About the acquisition of personal donations", about the collection of donations. Obsiag of the rights of the Purchaser, as a sub'ukta of personal tributes, according to the Law of Ukraine "About the protection of personal tributes"

2. Terms and conditions

2.1. "Shop" - the seller's website (""), for arranging contracts for distribution and wholesale purchases - sale at the site of a Buyer with a description of the Goods on photographic keys without additional information. Knowing the Purchase of the goods - the sale of the goods remotely.

2.2. "Product" - a change of the selection of the assortment, presentation on the site.

2.3. "Personal data" - whether it’s information, it’s directly or bit by bit to the singing individual, or just start.

2.4. "Istotny shortage of goods" - a shortage, as it is unacceptable to shy the unwelcome ch and unacceptable.

a) in vzagal, you cannot be of usunuy;

b) yogo usunennya will require chotiirteen calendar days;

c) to rob the goods with the help of others, not transferred by the contract.

3. Subject of the contract

3.1. Shop zobov'yazuєtsya They will transfer the goods to the authorities, and the Buyer zobov'yazuєtsya pay and Accept the goods on the terms of the whole contract.

3.2. Tsei contracts regulate the purchase and sale on the site, including:

a) voluntary selection of goods;

b) Self-made order by the buyer on the site;

c) payment by the buyer for the replacement, issued on the site;

d) Victory and transfer of replacement buyers from the authorities on the terms of the whole contract.

4. The order of registration of the order

4.1. The buyer independently draws up the order online on the site, or for the help of telephone calls for contacts, indicated on the site.

5. Partiality and order of payment for goods

5.1. On the basis of the variability of the goods, they appear on the pages of the Seller's website.

5.2. Prices for goods and services can change in the fallowness of the market, which can be seen on the prices on the site. The Seller cannot change the price for a particular Buyer, if he has already accepted the Seller's opinion and the order of payment for goods (services) established by the CIM agreement.

5.3. The Buyer pays for the replacement by a stretch of 2 working days (in the range of 100% overpayment) for an additional bank transfer of pennies to the Seller's production line, orders to the rakhunka, incl. for the help of Internet banking.

6. Delivery of the order

6.1. Delivery of goods to the Purchase of goods in the list of purchases 100% of the payment according to the displayed rakhunka