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Showers are very popular thanks to its compact size and high ergonomics. One of the main components of the design are shower trays for the production of which is today used a variety of materials. If you were previously popular pallets made of ceramic or steel, but now there is no choice better, pallets made of artificial stone. This material is not accidentally took the leading position on the market plumbing. When you decide to buy a shower tray, you can see the benefits on personal experience. Comparing artificial stone and its analogues, it should be noted high strength and aesthetic characteristics synthetic mineral.

Properties shower trays Miraggio™

Buy pallets for showers faux stone is already for the following reasons:

  • the optimum thickness of the walls;
  • the durability of the structure;
  • the perfect combination of bathroom interior;
  • high quality sealing joints.

Our plumbing is in accordance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001:2015 and has been successfully tested for compliance to the highest standards PN-EN.

You can be sure of its quality and long life. Buy the tray for shower enclosure made of artificial stone is because this material is maintainability. In case of occurrence on the surface of scratches or chips you will always be able quickly to restore the product, returning his reference appearance. The pallets are environmentally friendly and safety, as required for any  of the buyer.

selection Criteria shower trays

Artificial stone called the new-generation material in the manufacture of which uses the best components. Its membership must include crushed stone, and a binder resin are safe. Make the surface of the stone is unique allow our modern technologies that simulate various natural materials. Another reason to order a pallet of shower cabin made of artificial stone is its democratic value.

in Order not to be mistaken with the choice of the pallet, pay attention to the following parameters:

  • dimensions;
  • form;
  • color;
  • material.

Glossy texture will definitely draw attention to the shower, and brushed the pan perfectly expands the space, in the case of compact bathroom is particularly important. 

Color should be selected so that the pallet is combined with other plumbing items that have already been installed in the room earlier. 

Form is usually in accordance with the form itself has a cabin. The pallet can be angled, rectangular, square that will allow the most efficient use of space.

in Spite of the diversity of the materials from which it is possible to make the shower pan, the most profitable acquisition remain the product of artificial stone. We Miraggio™ make them out of it, after all, Miraggio always for aesthetics and practicality.


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Our production technology

 Free™, as an Internet store, is constantly expanding its product range to even the most demanding customer found a suitable solution.

One of the features of our plumbing and pallets is the use of a marble crumb. This feature gives to the product a strength, reliability and durability prior to mechanical impact. At the same time, the shape of the shower tray can be very different, allowing you to make it even more unique and convenient operation.

the Outer coating acts ISO NPG Gelcoat, which increases safety when using pallets and also has a high hygienic properties.


gloss finish allows you to add products to a bathroom with bright appearance. Our store and production of shower trays in Ukraine guarantees that take care of the invoice will be easy, if you decide to buy the pallet we have. To maintain the product in perfect shape, you need to:

  • clean the surface with detergent, which does not include abrasives;
  • for cleaning do not use acid, ammonia and sodium hydroxide;
  • if you appear on the surface scuffs or scratches, you can restore the gloss enough to hold Polish in accordance with the instructions.


Our projects pallets, has many unique qualities and benefits. One of them is the use of technology MiraMarble Matt, which is used in the manufacture of trays and washbasins with a matte finish. The main part is marble chips that improve the performance of the products. Matte finish velvet material known for its strength and durability. Our store guarantees all products that you can find in our catalog.

How to buy our shower trays in Ukraine?

On our website to order a shower tray as simple as possible. You only need to leave a request on the website, which will be quickly processed by our managers. We will ship your pallet to the city Zaporizhia, Kiev, Kharkov, Dnepr, Odessa, Krivoy Rog in the shortest possible time. With our help you will be able to buy a shower tray at a fair price, without worrying about quality.

Using plumbing Miraggio™ one day, you will fall in love with it forever!