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Before you start choosing a sink, you need to think about measurements. Of course, you can do this yourself, but if you don't have the necessary level of knowledge and experience, the result may be distorted. We recommend that you ask for professional help – experienced measurers will help you create an approximate floor plan.

The design of the premises depends entirely on the preferences of the owners. It doesn't matter what style you choose. In the catalog of our online store there are many options for sinks of different sizes. Country, modern or loft-we will find the perfect washbasin for everyone!

A sink with a depth of 30 cm is the optimal solution. The value is large enough so that the water coming from the tap does not splash around the washbasin, but at the same time the plumbing part remains compact enough and does not take up much free space in the room.

There is a universal way to determine the desired depth. To do this, it is necessary that each tenant stretches his hand over the washbasin – the opposite edge of the sink should end in the middle of the palm or near the tips of the fingers. An ordinary sink with a depth of 30 cm satisfies this indicator.

Choosing a 30 cm deep sink from Miraggio™

Washbasins differ in many ways. While looking for the perfect solution, pay attention to the existing формы sink shapes:

  • A 30 cm deep wash basin is a versatile solution that is perfect for a bathroom of any size.
  • A square sink is suitable for a small apartment. Clear angles and regular shapes will perfectly fit into the design of a modern home. The same can be said about rectangular washbasins.
  • Oval plumbing is the standard that occurs most often.
  • Round washbasins will emphasize your sense of style and fit ergonomically into the space.

An important factor is the color scheme. The most popular options are::

  • Blue color looks fresh, cool shades give a feeling of cleanliness and comfort.
  • The black shell is suitable for active people who appreciate the classics. This sink is perfectly combined with other shades in the interior.
  • Green color also belongs to the category of classic bathroom design options. The right shade will perfectly fit into both delicate Provence and bright pop art.
  • The red shell is a bold solution that can be combined with the brick wall of a hi-tech store.

Depending on the installation method, you can purchase:

  • Mortise washbasin, which is mounted directly into the countertop and qualitatively hides communications.
  • Overhead washbasin, the main advantage of which is easy installation and attractive appearance.
  • The suspended sink is characterized by a long service life and reliable fixation.

High-quality photos of sinks in our catalog will help you make the right choice. Each item has a detailed description, so the question of buying a 30-cm sink should not cause difficulties.

Why buy a 30 cm deep sink from Miraggio™

Cooperation with us has many advantages. The price of products fully justifies their quality, all products have the necessary certificates. If you have any further questions, you can always contact the friendly support staff. Experienced consultants will be happy to tell you about the terms of delivery toDnipro, Kiev, Kharkiv and other citiesУкраиныThey will find a convenient payment method and help you make the right choice.