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The modern market of sanitary products impresses with a huge selection of shapes, sizes and designs of washbasins.

A separate place in this variety is occupied by washbasins without a hole for the mixer. This is an original and practical option, which is especially relevant in cases of non-standard placement of the sink or mixer.

Features of sinks without a hole for the mixer

The design of the sink without a hole for the mixer assumes the installation of the tap in the wall or next to the bowl – in the countertop. The choice depends on individual wishes and the type of washbasin.

There are several types of models in this group:

  1. Suspended type – fixed on the wall with special brackets.
  2. Floor sinks without a hole for the mixer.
  3. Overhead-installed on the countertop or cabinet, which reduces the likelihood of splashing.
  4. Mortise-fully or partially sunk into the countertop. Next to the washbasin, there is an additional storage space for necessary small items.

In the first two cases, the crane is mounted in the wall, in the rest - in a cabinet or countertop. If you correctly determine the location of the device, you will get an effective and functional composition.

We prefer only time-tested and operational materials, so we make sinks from cast marble and stone.

Advantages of washbasins without a hole for the mixer

The main advantages of washbasins without a hole for the mixer:

  • the ability to accurately, unusually and at the same time functionally beat the standard installation of the crane;
  • Such models expand the space for practical installation solutions-it becomes possible to arrange the wash basin area in accordance with individual needs and technical features of the room.

Why you should buy a sink without a hole for the mixer in the online store "Miraggio"

Интернет-магазин Miraggio online store offers a wide range of models of washbasins without a hole for the mixer of any shape and size. In our catalog you will find oval and rectangular, round and asymmetrical, compact and large sinks. The reliable coating is resistant to household dyes and temperature changes, so that the washbasin retains an excellent appearance throughout the entire period of operation.

We are manufacturers of plumbing fixtures "Miraggio", so we provide a 10-year warranty on all plumbing fixtures with the possibility of exchange and return within three months.