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Basin depth 40 cm, Convenience and comfort in a modern style

Most of modern interiors bathrooms is not just about practicality and functionality of all components, but also on their attractiveness and according to the General style of the room. That is why the sink to a depth of 40cm from top manufacturers Miraggio™ are so popular.

This model is used by professional designers, it also ordinary people, self-searching of interior design to your taste. Placing the sink to a depth of 40cm from Miraggio™, you can not worry that the product will lose its original luxurious look or eventually go out of fashion.

At the moment the choice of most consumers in the world falls on the most practical and beautiful material – artificial stone. It uses to produce its products, the company Miraggio™. The advantages of a high-quality analogue of the natural stone weight:

  • unmatched appearance, perfect design;
  • resistance to mechanical shock, temperature extremes;
  • easy care – even after simple treatment, soapy water surface is perfectly clean without streaks;
  • gives a pleasant tactile sensation – not as cold as natural marble, while not inferior to the appeal of the game;
  • technology of the washbasins of this material involves the obstruction of reproduction of harmful bacteria, microbes;
  • special coating Gelcoat (Gelcoat) allows you to protect products from fading, deformation and fracture due to humidity;
  • easy to install and repair – in the event of a chip or scratch the surface of artificial stone can be easily sanded and polished, returning the previous form.

in addition, the use of artificial stone for the manufacture of shells opens up endless possibilities for design.

Selection of sinks to a depth of 40 cm from Miraggio™

depending on the size and design of the bathroom, you can choose some form of wash:

  • sink bowl depth: 40cm is perfect for a classic interior or a mixed design in loft style;
  • square sink with 40cm depth – for quite spacious rooms in the style of hi-tech;
  • round wash basin depth 40cm choose for a harmonious combination with modern style;
  • oval sinks with a depth of 40cm is recommended to install in the bathroom, made in the Italian style to the luxurious Baroque;
  • rectangular washbasin 40cm depth – a good choice to complement the interior in the style of minimalism.

Also, many stylists with a world name recommend to move away from the banal white color and choose the shells different colors:

  • blue;
  • black;
  • green;
  • red.

depending on the preferences and hence the size of the room and the same interior design you can select the appropriate installation method:

  • mortise – installed inside the countertops;
  • invoice – installs from above, requires careful maintenance during operation;
  • suspension – often used with the aim of saving space, such as under a sink can accommodate a washing machine, a Cabinet or Laundry basket.

For selecting the optimal option to see the photo of the models, as well as to consult with experienced managers of our online store.

Why you should buy a sink with a depth of 40 cm from Miraggio™

the Company Miraggio™ – the undisputed leader in Ukraine and many other countries for the production of sinks from an artificial stone. This material is environmentally friendly, always has an aesthetic appearance, reliable and functional. Prices on sinks premium is justified highest quality products. Delivery is possible in Dnipro, Kiev, Kharkiv and other cities of Ukraine.